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White Plains Dental Sealants For Kids

If your child is prone to cavities or has weak enamel, or you just want to reduce their risk of developing cavities, dental sealants from Miles of Little Smiles are a great option. Dr. Mila Belgrade or Dr. Dee Chazbani can apply sealants to your child’s rear teeth to reduce their risk of developing cavities and keep their teeth healthy. Learn more below, or contact us now to schedule an appointment with our White Plains office.


What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are made of a special type of clear, liquid dental resin. This liquid is applied directly to your child’s rear teeth in liquid form. Then, it’s hardened by Dr. Belgrade to create a strong, durable, invisible barrier on their teeth.

This barrier covers and “seals” the tooth and protects the teeth from cavities, hence the name. Bacteria, food particles, and acid cannot get through the plastic barrier, which stops cavities from forming completely. 

Because of this, dental sealants, along with fluoride treatments, are highly recommended for kids at our White Plains practice. They help reduce the risk of cavities in the rear teeth dramatically, and can protect your child’s smile for years to come.


When Are Sealants Applied? 

Sealants are usually applied when your child’s first adult molars come out, around the age of 6. At this time, Dr. Belgrade will apply sealants to these teeth to prevent cavities. Usually, only the rear molars are treated. This is because they’re harder to clean, and have natural pits, fissures, and cracks that tend to collect food, bacteria, and acid, leading to cavities.

After this, sealants are usually applied again when your child’s second set of adult molars come out around the age of 12-13. This ensures that both sets of molars are protected. After this, Dr. Belgrade will monitor your child’s sealants and oral health, and recommend dental sealants every few years at our White Plains office if she still believes they are necessary.


What Can I Expect From The Dental Sealant Process?

The process takes only a few minutes, and is usually done after a routine teeth cleaning and oral exam at Miles of Little Smiles. Dr. Belgrade will dry off your child’s molar, then apply a very mild acid solution to roughen the tooth and prepare it for the sealant. Then, the area will be dried again, and the sealant will be applied.

Dr. Belgrade will paint the sealant on carefully to cover the entire tooth, then use a UV light to cure the sealant and harden it. Then, this process will be repeated for each tooth. It takes only a few minutes to treat each tooth.


The Benefits Of Sealants in White Plains

The biggest benefit of dental sealants is that they completely eliminate the risk of developing cavities in the treated teeth. Cavities are a big problem for kids, and can even happen if they’re brushing and flossing properly. Sealants give you more peace of mind.

This saves you time and money, too. Sealants are inexpensive and often 100% covered by dental insurance for kids, making them cheaper than filling and other treatments for cavities.

Finally, sealants are a long-lasting solution for cavity prevention. They can last up to 3-5 years or longer, with some sealants lasting as long as 10 years. For dental sealants in White Plains or Westchester, contact our team today!