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White Plains Pediatric Dental Crowns

If your child has a damaged or seriously-decayed tooth in White Plains, a pediatric dental crown from Dr. Mila Belgrade at Miles of Little Smiles is the best way to restore their smile and their bite. Learn more about crowns in Westchester, NY below, or contact us now to schedule an appointment for your little one.

What Is A Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a false tooth that is designed to completely cover up and protect your child’s remaining tooth structure. To get a crown, your child’s tooth must be trimmed. Then, the crown is built to fit perfectly over the remaining tooth structure. This restores its appearance and natural shape, and also protects it from any further damage.

Stainless steel crowns are commonly used in pediatric dentistry to cover up baby teeth until they fall out naturally. For permanent adult teeth, crowns are usually made of porcelain, which looks and feels just like a natural tooth. 

Why Would My Child Need A Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are usually required for serious dental injuries, to restore teeth that have deep cavities, or have been infected and require a root canal or pulpotomy. Because they replace and cover up your child’s tooth, they are the best way to restore their smile and prevent further complications at our White Plains practice. Crowns are also sometimes used for cosmetic purposes, but this is relatively rare in pediatric dentistry.

What Can I Expect From The Dental Crown Procedure?

The process varies somewhat, depending on whether your child is getting a ceramic crown or stainless steel crown. However, it always starts with an appointment at Miles of Little Smiles, where your child’s tooth will be prepared for their crown.

Dr. Mila Belgrade will clean and numb your child’s mouth. Then, she will use a dental drill to remove any infected or damaged tooth material, and to trim your child’s tooth into a stable platform for their dental crown. 

Next, if your child is getting a stainless steel crown, Dr. Belgrade will choose a pre-built crown that fits over their tooth, and bond it in place. This completes the procedure.

However, if your child is getting a ceramic crown, Dr. Belgrade will take dental impressions of their teeth using dental putty. These impressions will then be sent to a dental lab where your child’s crown will be built by a qualified technician.

It will take about 2-3 weeks to get your child’s permanent crown, so Dr. Belgrade will attach a temporary crown to their tooth, and send you home. When your child’s crown arrives, we will call you back into our White Plains office for your child’s second appointment. Dr. Belgrade will check the crown to make sure it fits perfectly, then bond it into place permanently. 

Caring For My Child’s Crown

Dental crowns are designed to be just as durable and natural as your child’s teeth. That means there are no special precautions that you’ll need to take to care for your child’s dental crown. 

Simply make sure they are brushing for at least two minutes twice per day, and flossing once per day. You should also bring your little one into Miles of Little Smiles every six months for a teeth cleaning and checkup to ensure their smile is healthy and strong.