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White Plains Silver Diamine Fluoride

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) is a clear liquid that is applied to the teeth to prevent cavities, stop decay from spreading, and reverse early-stage decay. SDF contains silver, ammonia, and fluoride, as well as water.

SDF at our White Plains office works to stop decay in its tracks by remineralizing the teeth with fluoride to strengthen tooth enamel. The silver in SDF is anti-bacterial so it kills any bacteria that is contributing to the formation of cavities. 

A stronger tooth is more resistant to acid attacks when bacteria feed off of left behind sugars and convert them into acids. Strong tooth enamel also reduces tooth sensitivity by strengthening the dentin layer which is attached to the tooth’s nerves that are responsible for sensation.

SDF is a useful preventative tool because it can strengthen teeth and stop decay without the need to physically remove decay with dental drills. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Mila Belgrade at Miles of Little Smiles, contact us today.

Benefits of SDF for Kids

SDF is a game-changer in preventative dentistry because it is minimally invasive, eliminates the need for drills and anesthesia, and is inexpensive. This increases accessibility to cavity treatment for children with dental anxiety and special needs. 

The process is extremely simple and can be completed within minutes. If necessary, SDF can be reapplied to the teeth within 2-4 weeks. Not only is SDF accessible, simple, and painless, but it is also extremely effective. 

Studies have shown that after receiving SDF, it offers 80% protection against cavities and is a more effective cavity treatment compared to other alternatives such as fluoride varnish over 12 months. SDF is considered safe for use in children unless they have a silver allergy.

Kids who experience tooth sensitivity can experience relief and a reduction in sensitivity after receiving SDF. The elimination of dental tools such as drills also helps to reduce sensitivity and anxiety.

What to Expect During the SDF Process in White Plains

The application of Silver Diamine Fluoride begins by placing cotton or gauze around the gums so saliva doesn’t contaminate the tooth. The affected tooth will then be dried with a dental vacuum tool and SDF is painted onto the tooth. 

Dr. Belgrade will massage the SDF into the tooth for one minute and then the tooth is air-dried. A UV light may be used to cure the SDF for deeper penetration into the tooth. SDF may be reapplied within 2-4 weeks on the back teeth if necessary. 

Patients can receive SDF treatments every 3-12 months as needed but typically only needs to be done once a year. The effectiveness of SDF in treating and preventing cavities and tooth sensitivity enables children who are avoidant of the dentist to get the treatment they need quickly and without causing significant anxiety or pain. For SDF in White Plains or Westchester, contact our team today!