7 Ways to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

Our children’s health is the most important thing on Earth for us parents. Keeping them happy and healthy is a continuous job and responsibility, and often it comes with small and big challenges. Oral health can be one of these challenges, as the little ones might refuse to brush or be a little too enthusiastic about candy and sweets. 

When it comes to tips and tricks to keep your child’s teeth healthy, here are the most important ones to follow. 

1. The Power of Example

The best way to teach your child something is by being an example yourself. Our little ones will imitate what we do, and follow our examples for many years to come. Handling oral health is much easier and faster if you do all those things together. 

2. Brush Their Teeth From the Very Beginning

Brushing your baby’s teeth from the moment the first one of them erupts is important not only for the hygiene of their mouth but for building a habit. Get them used to brushing and handling the brush for them, apply a tiny bit of toothpaste once they are a bit bigger, and make it fun and playful.

3. Get Them Used to a Healthy Diet

Give them a diet rich in minerals, vitamins, fibers, and healthy fats. Sugar and sweets might be unavoidable, but if your child is used to eating fruit and vegetables, they will prefer them to highly processed products. 

4. Don’t Give Them the Bottle at Bedtime

One of the most common causes for cavities and decay in young children is giving them the bottle before bedtime. Formula has natural sugars and the feeding system allows milk to linger into their mouth after falling asleep, breeding bacteria and encouraging decay. 

5. Don’t Use the Pacifier For Too Long

Pacifiers are not good for your child’s teeth, as they can cause orthodontic problems. Try to avoid it altogether or get rid of it as soon as you can.

6. Introduce Them to the Dentist Early On

Getting used to the dentist’s chair and office, and building a relationship with their dentist can help children tremendously throughout the rest of their life. Taking them late to the dentist, and only when they have big dental problems can create phobias and other issues. 

7. Teach Them How to Floss at an Early Age

Flossing should be introduced as early as possible, starting when your child has their first set of teeth that are touching each other. Flossing is very important, as brushing alone cannot properly clean all the sides of the teeth. 

We Can Help Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy in White Plains

If you want more tips on how to keep your child’s teeth healthy, based on a thorough, calm, and comfortable consultation, we here at Miles of Little Smiles can help. 

With the help of Dr. Dee and Dr. Mila you’ll know exactly what your child’s needs are, and how to manage their oral health so that their smile is strong, healthy and bright! 

Book your appointment in White Plains today. 

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