Common Causes of Teeth Grinding in Kids & Treatment

Have you recently noticed your child is grinding their teeth? Check out this short article from Miles of Little Smiles to learn what’s causing it, and the types of treatment that could help your child.


Why Is Tooth Grinding a Problem for Children?

Tooth grinding can be a huge nuisance, both for adults and kids. First, it can lead to a sore jaw, meaning your child may feel pain when they open their mouth or even speak. Over time, this can lead to TMJ, a painful joint disorder.

But grinding can also affect their teeth. Even if they only have their primary teeth at this point, grinding can lead to teeth cracking or wearing down. This could lead to pain or even premature baby tooth loss.


What’s Causing Teeth Grinding in Children

You can learn exactly why your child is grinding their teeth once you see a pediatric dentist for a short consultation.

Below, you can check out some common causes of teeth grinding in children:

  • Stress and anxiety: Grinding can be a physical response to an emotional issue. If your child has been dealing with lots of stress or is anxious, they may start grinding their teeth as a way to soothe themselves.
  • Pain: Grinding may also be a way to manage pain. When the child grinds their teeth, that pressure can help relieve some of their discomfort, and the child is more likely to do it over and over. The pain can come from one of their teeth or even the ears.
  • An improper bite: If your child’s upper and lower teeth don’t align properly when the mouth is closed, this can lead to a bite issue which results in involuntary grinding. In these cases, children are more likely to grind their teeth during their sleep. 

How Is Teeth Grinding Treated in Children?

The exact treatment will depend on what’s causing the tooth grinding in the first place. For instance, if your child is dealing with anxiety, then it’s important to meet with a professional who can help them manage emotions or change some of their lifestyle patterns to ease their emotions.

When the child is feeling better, grinding will most likely stop.

Your child may also benefit from wearing a mouthguard at night, which helps improve the position of their bite to prevent grinding, or even orthodontic treatment to correct the alignment.


How Miles of Little Smiles Can Help

Dr. Mia Belgrade and Dr. Dikla Chazbani are here to help your little one’s smile grow happy and healthy. If they’ve been grinding their teeth, bring them in for a short consultation to see what’s causing it, and get access to the right treatment.

Request an appointment with Miles of Little Smiles online, and stop by for a visit.

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