5 Reasons Your Child’s Teeth May Hurt

Seeing your child experience a toothache can be heartbreaking. The important thing to do right now is to reach out to Dr. Mila Belgrade and Dr. Dikla Chazbani as soon as possible and bring the child in for a consultation.

Toothaches can be caused by a lot of different things. Often, it will take some type of dental intervention to remove your child’s discomfort and restore their oral health.

Here are the 5 top reasons why your child may be experiencing a toothache:


In its early stages, cavities can essentially go undetected. But as the bacteria continue to break down the enamel, the cavity grows bigger and bigger. Sooner or later, your child’s tooth may begin to hurt.

That’s because inside of the tooth you can find all the nerves. As the bacteria start eating away at the inside of the tooth and disturb the nerve, the child might be feeling some throbbing pain that might even keep them up at night.

The only way to remove this pain is to clean the tooth of all decay and add a dental filling to protect the tooth.

Dental Injuries

Children are very prone to dental injuries. Many of them can happen during innocent playtime – the child runs around, falls, and hits their mouth.

In many cases, these falls can lead to knocked-out teeth. But sometimes, the blow might not be big enough to knock the tooth completely, only loosen it. It’s very possible for a loose tooth, caused by a fall or accident, to cause pain when the child eats or touches the tooth.

Chips and Cracks

Tooth cracks and chips can sometimes cause a bit of pain when the child is eating or drinking. A child can chip or crack their teeth during a fall, as a result of tooth grinding, jaw clenching, or even when biting on hard foods or objects.

Losing Baby Teeth

Usually, when the adult teeth start erupting, the root of the baby teeth begin to dissolve, loosen, and eventually fall. But sometimes, the permanent tooth may be putting a bit too much pressure on the nerves or affecting the gums, leading to inflammation and a bit of pain.

Tooth Infection

A common cause of tooth pain in adults and children alike is a tooth infection. Essentially, cavities that go unnoticed “make way” for unwanted bacteria to enter the tooth, affecting the nerves and even the root.

If the child’s tooth is infected, they will be in a lot of pain, experience swelling, and may even get an abscess right above or below the tooth. Infections are a dental emergency and need immediate dental attention.

No matter why your child’s teeth are hurting, Dr. Mila Belgrade and Dr. Dikla Chazbani are here to help remove their discomfort.

Book an appointment at Miles of Little Smiles, and bring the little one in for a consultation.

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