What to Do If Your Child’s Crown Breaks

Dental crowns last anywhere from 5 to 15 years before they need replacing. But when your child’s crown breaks because of injury, teeth-grinding, or biting down on hard objects, it’s hard not to panic. Your child’s pain and discomfort can be enough to send you into a frenzy. But doing so does more harm than good. So, what should you do when your child’s crown breaks? Read on to find out!


Examine Your Child’s Mouth

Ensure your child isn’t in too much pain or discomfort, and quickly examine the teeth. Check for any broken pieces and dislodge the crown completely if it hangs loose. Doing so helps prevent your child from swallowing the crown.

Also, check for any sharp, broken pieces. Ask your child to rinse their mouth and spit out the water to expel sharp pieces. Swallowing these pieces could lead to further complications.


Keep the Broken Piece

If it’s possible, collect the broken piece of the crown and put it in a safe container with cool water or a saline solution. Bring it along to your child’s appointment. It will help the dentist determine what repairs need to be done and give them an idea of how well the crown was placed originally.


Call a Pediatric Dentist

Contact your pediatric dentist as soon as possible. Explain the situation and book an appointment for the closest available time slot. Your child’s dentist can provide instructions on protecting the damaged tooth from further damage and decay. Depending on their assessment, they’ll also advise you on how to best relieve the pain.


Cover the Tooth with Dental Wax

If you can’t get an immediate appointment with your pediatric dentist, cover the tooth with dental wax or a few drops of clove oil. Doing so creates a protective barrier against food particles and bacteria that could cause further damage to the broken crown. It also helps with the pain but can’t replace OTC painkillers.

Use dental wax or sugarless gum to cover sharp edges that can hurt their tongue or cheek. Also, ask your child to chew carefully on the other side of their mouth and avoid crunchy, hard foods.


Follow Up with the Dentist

Return to the dentist on the appointment date with the broken piece to get the broken crown fixed. Depending on the damage, your dentist may suggest a new crown or just repair the existing one. The treatment largely depends on the condition of their teeth and how long they’ve had the dental crown.


Let Us Repair Your Child’s Broken Crown

Feel free to talk to us if your child’s crown breaks. Our experienced team of pediatric dentists here at Miles of Little Smiles, led by Dr. Mila Belgrade and Dr. Dikla Chazbani can assess the damage and quickly repair or replace the broken crown. We’ll ensure your child is pain-free and their tooth remains protected from further damage. Don’t wait any longer; call us at (914) 949-6655 and get your little one the help they need!

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