Will My Child Be in Pain After a Pulpotomy?

Is your child complaining of a toothache or sensitivity when they eat something hot or cold? Then they may be dealing with a large cavity or an infection.

The best way to relieve their pain is to bring them for an appointment with Dr. Mila Belgrade and Dr. Dikla Chazbani. The child’s tooth will be assessed, and our dentists can determine the best way to treat it. 

Sometimes, a pulpotomy may be necessary to remove all the infected tissue and save the tooth.

Check out this short blog post to understand how a pulpotomy works and whether it’s painful for the child.


What’s a Pulpotomy?

A pulpotomy is a dental procedure that can treat an infected baby tooth. Think of it as a root canal, only not as invasive.

Baby teeth can get infected just as easily as adult ones. It usually starts as a cavity, caused by improper oral hygiene and dietary habits, which slowly grows and allows bacteria to eat away at the tooth’s pulp.

Pulpotomies are used to prevent a baby tooth extraction. Even though they eventually fall out on their own, it’s important to let the primary teeth stay in place until the adult ones are ready to take their place. Premature baby tooth loss can lead to orthodontic issues, such as crooked teeth.


Does the Pulpotomy Hurt?

If your child needs a pulpotomy, their mouth will be numbed to ensure they don’t feel any pain during the procedure. If they are also scared or may have difficulty sitting through their appointment, sedation such as laughing gas may also be available.

Because of the local anesthetic, the child won’t feel any pain during the pulpotomy. Once the effects wear off (usually 1-2 hours after their treatment), the tooth can feel a bit sore, but the pain goes away in a couple of days.

Moreover, soreness after a pulpotomy is nowhere near as intense as the toothache caused by the infection. You can manage your child’s discomfort with a cold compress or OTC pain medication until the tooth is healthy.


How Is a Pulpotomy Done?

After administering the anesthetic or sedation, Dr. Belgrade and Dr. Chazbani will open the tooth to reveal all the infected tissue. The tooth is then cleaned and disinfected, and once all the bacteria are gone, a filling is used to restore the tooth.

If the infection is large, a filling might not be enough to restore the tooth, in which case the child may need a dental crown.


Does Your Child Have a Toothache? We Can Help 

If you’re in the Westchester area, bring your child to see Dr. Mila Belgrade and Dr. Dikla Chazbani for a quick consultation to help alleviate their discomfort and restore their oral health.

Schedule a visit to Miles of Little Smiles today and bring your child in for expert and compassionate dental service.

Have more questions? Call us at (914) 949-6655.

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