What Is The Difference Between A Family Dentist And A Pediatric Dentist?

If you’re trying to choose a new dentist for your little ones in White Plains or Westchester, NY, you may be wondering if you should see a family dentist or a pediatric dentist. What’s the difference, and what’s a better choice? Find out in this blog from Miles of Little Smiles.

Family Dentists Treat Patients Of All Ages

Family dentists, also known as “general dentists,” are dentists who have obtained their doctorate in dentistry (DDS or DMD) and are fully qualified by all applicable licensing boards to provide treatment for patients of all ages.

This means that they’re generalists. They typically provide services ranging from preventive care to pediatric fillings and dental crowns for kids, Invisalign for teenagers, dentures for older adults, and more. This means you can get convenient care for your family at a family dentist or general dentist.

However, it’s important to note that while family dentists may have years of experience treating kids, they do not typically have any special qualifications for pediatric dentistry. This means they may not always offer the best care, particularly for difficult dental issues, or dental problems affecting very young children. 

Pediatric Dentists Exclusively Treat Kids & Have Special Qualifications 

In contrast to general dentists, pediatric dentists only treat children. This definition is a bit flexible, but includes infants, toddlers, pre-teens, teenagers, and even young adults who are between the ages of 18-22, in some cases.

To provide these services, pediatric dentists must obtain their DDS/DMD, then undertake at least 2-3 years of additional study at an accredited pediatric residency program. During this time, they will learn more about the unique challenges of treating kids of all ages, and study things like childhood development, how to interact with kids and educate them about dentistry, and more. 

If you want the very best care for your child, a pediatric dentist like Dr. Mila Belgrade or Dr. Dikla Chazbani is a superior choice to a family dentist. While family dentists can certainly provide excellent care, pediatric dentists simply have more training and education on the subject. 

The Benefits Of Seeing A Pediatric Dentist 

There are a number of great benefits of bringing your child to see a pediatric dentist like Dr. Belgrade and Dr. Dikla Chazbani, such as: 


  • More positive experience – Pediatric dentists like Dr. Belgrade and Dr. Dikla Chazbani know how to speak to your child at their own level, and can form a real, long-lasting relationship with your little one that will help them have a more positive experience during their dental appointments.
  • Enhanced knowledge & expertise – Our office is equipped with the latest technology, and our team can help assess, diagnose, and treat dental problems of all kinds.
  • Child-friendly environment Pediatric dental offices are typically bright, full of toys and activities for kids, and welcoming for children of all ages. This more child-friendly environment helps your little one relax.


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